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A PAEK Composite Total solutions

TxV Aero Composites

A PAEK Composite Total solutions

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Thermoplastic composites are being increasingly adopted by the Aerospace industry as an enabling technology in the manufacture of lightweight, cost-efficient aircraft. The supply chain needs a partner that can deliver world-class expertise in materials, engineering, and manufacturing with dedicated speed and focus as these solutions take off. To better support customer needs, Victrex and Tri-Mack Plastics Manufacturing Corporation have established a joint venture, TxV Aero Composites, to accelerate the commercial adoption of polyketone (PAEK) composite applications within the Aerospace industry. The company will offer a range of solutions and services including: 

We look forward to working together to transform the industry—one composite component at a time.


TxV Aero Composites Takes Flight

Victrex and Tri-Mack establish joint venture to support growing needs for continuously reinforced PAEK composite components in Commercial Aerospace, through the manufacture of parts utilising new and innovative processes. The multi-million dollar investment includes the establishment of a new US-based manufacturing facility.

Q and A


Q: What is the rationale for the joint venture?

A: For Victrex, this directly aligns with their enterprise strategy to grow beyond the granule in targeted segments and applications, as well as enables the acceleration of their loaded brackets mega-programme. The joint venture fills a market need for a dedicated PAEK composite parts manufacturer that can offer Aerospace customers a total solution for converting machined metal and thermoset composites quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, this will help drive the adoption of PAEK-based solutions in Commercial Aerospace designs and specifications.

For Tri-Mack, this provides an opportunity to expand the reach of their engineering and manufacturing expertise by implementing large-scale production capabilities for high-volume Commercial Aerospace applications.  

Q: What are the key details of the joint venture?

A: TxV Aero Composites is the result of a multi-million dollar investment by Victrex and Tri-Mack. The company will establish a brand new manufacturing facility in the United States with the plan to be fully operational by the end of 2017. The intent of the joint venture is to deliver total PAEK composite solutions on a large scale basis for the Commercial Aerospace industry.

Q: What are the capabilities of TxV Aero Composites?

A: TxV Aero Composites will be a total solutions provider capable of assisting customers in all stages from concept development, through prototyping, and on to commercialisation. Our core processes will include automated tape layup (ATL), press consolidation and forming, and hybrid composite overmoulding. TxV Aero Composites will make and sell custom laminate panels, composite pre-forms for overmoulding, and finished hybrid-moulded parts and assemblies for Commercial Aerospace customers. The base materials for the parts and assemblies will primarily be VICTREX AE™ 250 UDT and filled VICTREX™ PEEK compounds.

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