Qualification Support

Getting production-ready at scale


Analyzing, screening, testing and documenting part performance.

Our proven systematic approach allows us to quickly get parts into production:

Collaborative Engineering

Our team works closely alongside your engineers – combining the design and development of your product with our process. By understanding your requirements early in the process, we shorten the development cycle and yield parts that consistently meet application demands.

Advanced Product Quality Planning

While still in the development phase, a cross-functional team begin a systematic evaluation of your part and qualification requirements. This provides critical feedback to our design and manufacturing process, and ensures key measures are taken during production to fabricate consistent parts.

Product and Process Validation

We work together to demonstrate that both application and manufacturing requirements have been met. First sample parts are run on production tooling. The parts are physically tested and manufacturing records are used to evidence compliance to your specifications.

All supported by a powerful stage-gate process

With our stage-gate process for new product introduction, you get confidence, better quality, pace of delivery and reduced development costs.

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Case Study: SFS intec

SFS intec partners with TxV to re-engineer aircraft bracket using high-performance thermoplastic composite in order to achieve valuable weight and cost savings within the quality and price-sensitive air transportation industry.
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