Overmolding expands PEEK’s range in composites

July 01, 2015

A new polymer and a hybrid process enable production of complex, high-load-capable, fiber-reinforced brackets and clips in minutes.

Overmolding offers aerocomposites molders the advantages inherent in both molding “worlds”: Complex aerospace thermoset composites can provide desired functionality and strength at low weight but “require hand layup and autoclave processing, resulting in parts production that takes hours to days,” comments Tri-Mack director of sales Tom Kneath.

In contrast, injection molding of neat thermoplastics produces complex components in minutes, but limits the molder’s ability to optimize part functionality. “What’s great about this hybrid process,” Kneath points out, “is that you can put the material where you need it, vs. standard injection molding, where you can’t really selectively reinforce parts easily.”

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